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Victor Warren Inducted into UBC Sports Hall of Fame

Victor Warren is the brother of 1996 UBC Sports Hall of Fame inductee Charlotte Warren and son of the late Harry Warren, UBC's first-ever Olympic athlete and an inaugural UBC Sports Hall of Fame inductee.
Victor was one of Canada's top field hockey players in the late 1950's and early 1960's.  He led the Thunderbirds to Vancouver City League Championships in 1958, 60 and 63 and is still recognized as UBC's all-time scoring leader, with 114 goals in 92 games over six seasons. He was also selected to the provincial team on six occasions, leading BC to four national championships.  A key member of Canada's national team in the 1960's, he played for Canada in the 1964 Olympic Games along with fellow UBC alumni Peter Buckland and Lee Wright.
Actually, Victor could be considered one of Canada's top players from the late 1950s to at least mid-1960s (Tokyo Olympics in late 1964), but you could argue that a more appropriate end date would be 1970 (the last year he played for BC in the Canadian National Championships.  In that year, BC won every game without conceding a single goal.  (Victor played in every game as a fullback).
Victor was Manager of the Canadian Men's National Team from 1973-1979.  Victor was CFHA Vice President, National Teams, from 1973-1980 and CFHA President from 1980-1991.  (He was the last CFHA President, as CFHA merged with CWFHA to become FHC in 1991).  In the mid-1980s, Victor also won the Air Canada Amateur Sports "Executive of the Year" Award.
Victor Warren was a co founder of the Jokers Field Hockey Club in 1964 and continues to support the Jokers on and off the field.  He also goes by the name of Lord Tachbrook and is regarded as guru, leader, organizer of everything hockey.  Spending half his time as a land baron in Fiji and the other half in Vancouver, he continues to follow the Jokers and makes regular visits to the Vancouver Rowing Club to get caught up on all the latest news.  This year Victor once again will be chief guru and fashion designer for the Jokers on their upcoming Hockey Festival tour to HAWAII and will be looked to for wise Joker advice.
An excerpt from a Joker tour brochure:
"The Joker is in the pack as an unpredictable factor or participant.  A card normally ornamented with the figure of a Jester, he is quick to remind us that the Jester was well known throughout the middle ages for witticisms, jokes and pranks.  They were generally kept by a prince or nobleman, a tradition we are striving to maintain thanks to Lord Tachbrook." 

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